How to Delete Songs from iPad

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Aside from offering portable personal computing, the iPad acts as a media playback device which gives you the ability to store music, photos, and play videos.

Similar to the iPod and iPhone, the iPad uses a free computer program – iTunes – to organize media, stored or otherwise. If you find your iPad’s library becomes full with unwanted music, you can use iTunes to manually delete songs from iPad.

1. Using the USB cable, connect the iPad to your computer/laptop using the USB cable. Launch iTunes manually if iTunes does not launch automatically.

2. Choose your iPad’s listing under the “Devices” tab, located on the left side of iTunes.

3. Next, choose the “Summary” tab at the top of the window that shows in the large right pane on the right side of iTunes. You’ll see multiple iPad options below on display.

4. Check the “Manually manage music and videos” box. This allows you to clear off songs while leaving the music saved in your iTunes library.

5. Next, click “Music” under your iPad’s song listing in the left column’s “Devices” section.

6. Click a song and press “Delete.” Confirm the deletion when prompted.

Sync your iPad to iTunes before you delete songs from iPad. This will ensure the removed songs stays safe and sound in your iTunes music library.

Once done, activate the “Sync Music” check box within the “Music” tab on the main pane if you would like to save this setting for your next sync.

There are two ways that iTunes can be used to delete songs from iPad: automatically and manually. The method you use depends on the preferences you chose in iTunes.

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When iPad is set to automatically sync all songs with iTunes (default setting), deleted/added playlists and songs from your iTunes Library will also be deleted or added from your iPad when it is connected and synced with iTunes.

If your iPad is exclusively set to sync certain playlists automatically, songs are removed or added from iPad when they are removed/added from the iTunes playlist that are synced to the device.

Delete Songs from iPad Manually

If you prefer to manage your iPad’s playlists and songs separately from the way you manage them in iTunes, begin by setting iTunes to manage your iPad’s content manually.

Next, in the iTunes source pane, click the gray triangle icon. This will enable you to see your iPad’s contents. You can add songs and playlists from iTunes to your iPad by simply dragging them to the iPad in the Source pane.

If you want to delete items from the iPad, just highlighting them, click and choose Delete from the Edit menu.